Welcome to Stay True Barbershop.

Proudly serving the Nashua, New Hampshire community.

Shop Rules & Guidelines

– Cloth masks must be worn before entering the shop.
– You will be asked to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the shop.
– Please wait in your car until the barber calls you to enter the shop.
– 1 person per barber in the shop at a time no exceptions.
– Children must be able to sit for their haircut unsupervised. If they cannot sit by themselves for a haircut we cannot cut them at this time.
– If you and your child are both getting haircuts back to back there must be another adult to wait with them outside during your haircut.
– No beard trims, or shaves of any kind at this time. We can blend in but won’t go down past the middle of the ear.
– No shampoos at this time to maintain the 6’ distance between clients at all times.
– We cannot legally use a hairdryer right the moment.
– We will instead be doing the hot towel on the head/back of the neck during the neck massage portion of the service.
– We will be using this added couple of minutes to do extra sanitation of the chair and surrounding areas.
– We will still taking cash but only in exact change, if you can’t do exact change the guys will be accepting Venmo payments.

Stay True opened in July 2015 with the idea of providing a classic barbershop experience. We’re a 5 chair shop specializing in traditional haircuts including flattops and bald fades as well as hot towel straight razor shaves. Inclusive and family friendly.